September Newsletter

B&A wants to thank everyone who came to our Truss Shop Open House this past month. Your interest, support & patronage are sincerely appreciated! Any of you that were unable to attend are welcome to stop by at your own leisure. One of our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to show you the shop, our new capabilities & answer any questions you have.

Our continuous goal is to help educate our customers about different aspects of construction. Proper roof ventilation is a very important part of the building process. At B&A, we install ridge & soffit vents for roofs. This allows every square foot of the underside of the roof to be vented, keeping the home cooler, avoiding ice jams and ice back-ups and eliminates the build up of moisture and condensation.

Efficient roof ventilation facilitates external air entering the home through an intake vent (usually a soffit vent), venting the entire underside of the roof area, leaving through an exit vent (ridge vent). Correct venting insures the air under the roof sheathing is the same temperature as outdoor air allowing the assembly to remain cool and dry. For instance, dripping condensation can occur within a roof when external heat meets cooler temperatures and hardware (like nails) in the winter. The opposite can happen in the summer with the same wet, mildewed outcome. The soffit / ridge venting system we install is necessary to remove moisture and avoid residual buildup. Most people think roof ventilation is important to keep their attic cool. It is. However, the main function of roof venting is eliminating condensation and moisture build up.

No matter what type of metal roof you install, we have the ridge vent you need! When using aggregated metal panel, we recommend profile vents. For standing seam roof metal, we use the convenient Snap Z system. B&A manufactures our own soffit, cut to length & easily installed, to provide for your specific needs.

If you’re not using solid decking under the metal roof, it will still require something under the metal to help prevent condensation. We carry a wide range of different insulation for every type of structure. Our sales reps can help you find the right insulation for your project.

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Once again, B&A would sincerely like to thank everyone for your patronage & positivity.  Please drop by for a tour of our truss & metal shops, or advice from one of our specialists.  Mention this newsletter to get some of our new promotional merchandise!  B&A values your business, opinions and feedback.  Let us know if there is a subject you would like to see covered in upcoming newsletters.  We’re here to help you with any design, construction or installation questions you have.  

We hope to see you at the Open House this month!