Spring Price Special:
30’x60’x10’ Deluxe Post Framed Garage

3 – 10’x8’ Steel Insulated Overhead Doors with Openers
2 – 3’ Steel Walk Doors with Glass
1’ Overhang on all Sides
Gutters and Downspouts
4” Concrete Floor with Wire and Plastic and Floor Drains
Roof Insulated with Vinyl Back Insulation
Walls Insulated with ½” Technafoam
6 – 32”x36” Windows
2 – 2’x2’ Cupolas with Weathervanes
12’x18’ Recessed Porch
Trusses 4’OC, 4/12 Roof Pitch
6”x6” Posts

Building Price: $39,890

Optional: 30’x60’x4” Exterior Concrete with ½” Rebar – $7,860

*Electric not included, price figured on a level job site*