Post Frame

Our post frame buildings are designed to be of the highest quality to last over the years. The standard for our post frame buildings includes setting the posts and trusses 8 foot on center, however, we can customize the plans depending on our customers’ needs. The following diagram details each component we use for a basic post fram building:

1. Solid 6 x 6″ treated posts-full length

2. Posts anchored in concrete

3. 2 x 8″ Treated splashboard

4. 2 x 6″ Side nailers

5. 2 x 6″ Inner and outer rafter supports

6. Straight chord trusses

7. Lateral truss ties full length of building

8. 2 x 4″ purlins-2′ on center

9. #1-29 Gauge metal with 40 year warranty on roof and sides

10. Roof starter

11. Z-trim around base

12. Gutters (optional)

13. One piece roof and gable steel

Post Frame Diagram

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Post Frame Framing