Building Options

Overhead Doors

We primarily use 3 types of high quality, steel overhead doors in various heights and widths.  All doors include torsion springs and can include glass inserts and/or automatic door openers if needed.  However, we can special order a wide variety of doors depending on the customers’ needs and applications.

The following 3 types are most commonly used:


Vinyl Back Insulated:  Includes 1 3/8″ polystyrene insulation with a vinyl back cover

Steel Insulated:  Double sided steel doors filled with polystyrene insulation for added durability.


We can also pour concrete floors, porches, pads, and sidewalks in several thicknesses depending on the customers’ needs and desires.  All of our interior concrete is poured over a compact rock base of at least 2 inches covered with plastic to prevent the floor from “sweating”.  Wire mesh or rebar, depending on the preference of the customer, is also put down for added support in strengthening the floors. For an additional aesthetic appearance, we can color and/or stamp the concrete as it is being poured.


Insulating your building can provide additional enjoyment throughout every season.  There are several types of insulation to choose from to suit your particular needs.  Insulation can not only help regulate the temperature inside your building, but also help protect your possessions and/or equipment from unwanted moisture that can collect due to exterior weather conditions.

Some types of insulation we use include, but are not limited to:

Technafoam/Super Tuff-R-Reinforced Vinyl Back Insulation-Styrofoam Insulation-Blown-in Insulation-Fiberglass Insulation

Other Options-Walk Doors-Windows-Closed-in Overhangs-Wainscoting-Cupolas-Electrical-Plumbing-Gutters and Downspouts-Vinyl Siding-Shingles-Brick Exterior-Floor Drains-Skylights-Solid or Split Track Sliding Doors-Lean-To-Interior Metal Liners-Porch Posts Wrapped in Metal-Interior Framing and Finish Work